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We help you become successful
with ChurchDesk

Learn how our onboarding process works to set you and your team up
for success with ChurchDesk every day!

Our training programme

Step 1: Launch Call with your ChurchDesk Advisor

Your journey with ChurchDesk starts with an online meeting with one of our parish guides. You and other key persons in your church will get a quick introduction into ChurchDesk and we will tailor the next steps according to your needs and your situation.

Step 2: Online classes to expand your knowledge

We have four video classes that will get you started with everything you need to know for a successful start. You and your team will learn the basics to reach people, create newsletters, digitize your church calendar and build a beautiful website. You can re-watch these classes as often as you like, and also participate live.

Step 3: Follow-up call with your ChurchDesk Advisor

Your personal guide to ChurchDesk will be with you along the way and always be available for additional questions. They will also set up a follow-up call with you after a couple of months to check in, make sure all your questions are answered and what else you might need to continue your success with ChurchDesk.

This class is designed for everyone who wants to get a basic understanding of how to work with ChurchDesk. We have a particular focus on calendar administration and managing your rotas.

In this class we are giving you a thorough introduction how to make use of ChurchDesk as the central contact database. As well giving you an introduction to our online forms.

This class is made for everyone who is involved in establishing and nurturing a vibrant church community. E.g. vicars and people involved in communication about the church activities.

The topic is this class is how to make use of the ChurchDesk website system to ensure great communication about the church activities. We will cover how everything works.

Our online classes - live and on demand