Your website in a new design.

We have helped hundreds of churches improve their online presence. Based on our experience we're now offering a service to make it easy for you to get started with your website on ChurchDesk.

Let us do the work. Get a new and better homepage.

For many people your website is the only point of contact to your church. It is important that it looks good on any screens, is easy to use and always up to date. We transfer the content of your current website to the ChurchDesk editor so you can start with a beautifully designed, ready to use website. ‍ Our website package starts at £890 (excl. VAT) depending on the number of your subpages.

Responsive and accessible design
We will transfer a maximum of 20 newest blog posts.
We set up your website in a way that makes it easy for you to make any changes in the future.

Any questions?
We are happy to help.

Florian Radlinger
Church advisor

Ronja Borchers
Church advisor

Fabio Mahalingam
Church advisor