Studio: Beautiful design elevates communication

Wanna reach a digitalised society and grab their attention? Become a church that communicates well and reach people with beautiful, modern visuals. ChurchDesk Studio has many prebuilt designs and can improves your visual communication with only a few clicks. In 10 minutes, you can achieve a high quality poster, newsletter or personal invitation through Studio, freeing up your time to use it where it is more needed.

Versatile, digital tool for all communication in the church

This versatile tool will allow you to optimise your communication as well as your website. In ChurchDesk Studio, you can choose from different newsletter templates, customise website widgets, add social media on the website, create donation or event posters directly from the calendar and much more.

Create invitations directly in the calendar
SEO tracking and social media for the website
Wide range of templates for emails, posters and service announcements
Create event and donation posters automatically

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow

Create beautiful designs without leaving ChurchDesk. When creating a poster, newsletter or invitation, all information from the calendar is automatically inserted and you just need to press “save”. Now you can send out your invitation or print the poster.

Posters and invitations connected to the calendar
Beautiful design are ready for you to choose from


Many templates for newsletters and email invitations that you can edit.

You get more design options and pre-built elements to choose from, when you are designing your website.

Optimise your website with the extra features that Studio offers.


Choose from multiple templates to create the service notices with all your events and services.

‍With Studio, you can quickly create beautiful posters for the important events in the church - synced with information from the calendar.

Make it easy for your visitors to donate. Using a simple QR code on posters, visitors will be able to support the important work of the church.

Pick and choose - we’ve got templates for it all

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Florian Radlinger
Church advisor

Ronja Borchers
Church advisor

Fabio Mahalingam
Church advisor