The right form for any occasion

Sign-ups are essential to church life, including baptisms, concerts, and trips. Make it simple for people to register for your events using our drag-and-drop form builder. Every data entry synchronises seamlessly with contacts.

Simplify and automate your sign up workflow

Use forms to make sign-ups easier for both yourself and your visitors. Make it convenient for people to register online for events and activities, order tickets, or sign up for the newsletter list. Thanks t direct integration with the ChurchDesk system, entered data is immediately stored securely and does not circulate around your church office either as an email or a piece of paper.

Generate lists from your forms
Secure handling of data

Adjust every form to suit your needs

You don't need any previous knowledge to create forms. Simply create your desired form using drag & drop or use one of our numerous templates that have been specially created for churces. Each contact is automatically transferred to the contact database and uploaded files are securely stored in the form module.

Simple drag & drop editor
Various templates for different church events

Fully integrated into your administration and communication

All forms are directly linked to your ChurchDesk contact database. Entered data is saved in the contacts, ensuring that your database remains up-to-date. By automatically generating lists, you can easily communicate with the people who have been registered - for example, all those who have signed up for a concert.

Synced with ChurchDesk people
Simplified communication with lists

How our customers use forms

Collect registration fees and tickets directly through forms

Some events like youth camps, concerts or room reservations may involve fees. With ChurchDesk these payments can be processed directly when signing up. Add different ticket options to your form and keep track: All payments are managed in ChurchDesk's Donations & Payments module and automatically linked to payment projects.

Pay and donate through forms
Simple and integrated ticketing for your events

Handle data responsibly

Churches are required to handle the data they receive carefully and delete it if necessary. Informal registrations via email or paper forms can complicate secure data handling. This is especially true for sensitive information like allergies. Consent, such as permission for photo usage or contact initiation, must also be regularly updated.

All data safe and up to date
Automated management of consent

Templates help you get started quickly.

We have pre-installed a selection of popular templates for life events, electoral roll refresh, and event sign-ups. With just a few clicks, all templates can be customised for your needs.

Creating your form is simple and intuitive

We've made it very easy to create and customize forms with simple drag and drop. You can always see exactly what the final form will look like as you build it.

Share your forms everywhere

Every form is easily shareable on your website, through social media, or in your newsletter. People can register from anywhere, even on their mobile phones.

Collect contact data directly to your People database

People submitting a form are automatically added to People as contacts. You can set up tags to be added for later segmentation.

Add tickets and keep track of attendees

Ticketing is fully integrated to manage event sign-ups. You can choose multiple ticket types and prices, number of tickets available, etc.

Accept payments and donations

As a fully integrated workflow, you can accept payments and donations all at once. There's no need to sign contracts with third-party payment processors. It has never been this easy.

Just the form you need

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