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Manage donations and payments seamlessly

Enable your visitors to donate and pay online easily. Donation projects, registration fees and ticketing are all securely processed in one place.

Secure donations directly through your website

Add donations to your website and enable people to donate outside of office hours. Let people know about your fundraising efforts and enable them to donate to your projects digitally.

Create awareness for your donation projects
Offer safe online donations

Sell tickets and receive donations through forms

Add donation projects and ticket options to your sign up forms. Sell tickets to your event or collect fees - everything is in one place.

Enable ticket payments directly in forms
Sign up and payment seamlessly connected

Simple overview of all payments and donations

ChurchDesk automatically assigns all incoming donations and payments to the corresponding projects. Authorised users can monitor incoming payments and track payment status.

Up to date overview of payment status
Every payment automatically categorised

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Bageldlose Spenden vor Ort mit der ChurchDesk Spendensäule

Wir ermöglichen bargeldlose Kollekte vor Ort! Die ChurchDesk Spendensäule ist direkt mit dem System verknüpft, sodass alle Spenden sofort in Ihre Spendenverwaltung mit aufgenommen werden.

Say thanks to your donors

Do you want to update the donors on the project's progress or express gratitude for their support? Send an email to the pre-made list with minimal effort. Let your contributors see the results of their support.

Simple communication with donors
Everything in one place

Posters for every donation occasion.

Generate scan & donate posters of your projects with our Studio add-on. Visitors can use their smartphone to make a donation at any time by scanning a QR code.

Mobile donation via QR code
Increase visibility for your projects on-site

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