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Stay in touch with your members

Organise your contacts, stay in touch and invite them into the church with emails, text messages, or newsletters.

Much more than a database

Keep track of everyone your church is in contact with with. ChurchDesk People is a dynamic database that updates in real-time. Communicate with your members via email or text, manage consent, and organise your contacts into different lists for personalised communication. Any changes to contacts are automatically updated across the ChurchDesk platform.

Central hub for your contact management
Fully integrated across all of ChurchDesk

Create engagement through personalised communication

Contact information is useful only when it's current. With ChurchDesk, your contacts stay updated without adding to your workload. Send emails and newsletters, and add contact options to your website; your contact database will automatically update itself based on the information people provide.

Continuous updating of your contacts and consent
Fully integrated with forms

Creating a church newsletter has never been easier

The newsletter tool is an integrated part of ChurchDesk People, enabling you to easily and quickly create a church newsletter. Content flows in from other modules and can be added with just a few clicks.

A secure place for contact data

Churches handle sensitive data and must store it responsibly. Specifically tailored for churches, ChurchDesk ensures that your data is safely stored and GDPR compliant. You can set precise permissions for users to ensure that sensitive data is accessible only to specific groups (such as priests), and manage your contacts' consent for specific questions, such as the use of their photos, through our integrated consent management system.

Integrated consent management
User roles and permissions

How our customers use the people module​

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