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We help the church develop

ChurchDesk is the all-in-one solution to support churches in their development

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Welcome to ChurchDesk

We are on a journey with churches to build beautifully simple software that helps them meet people where they are. Since day one we have been privileged with users that help influence and shape the development of ChurchDesk. We invite you to also take part in building the best and most meaningful tools for your church.







Our story

I'm Christian Steffensen and born in Copenhagen, Denmark with family members and friends being priests. I experienced churches working in a truly offline fashion and left behind the many changes taking place in other organisations. It led me to help our church and, soon after, some of the neighboring churches use technology to reach more people.
This was in 2002 and I built websites. I wanted to bring the church closer to people with the belief that there is a massive opportunity in using technology to become a better church.

When I graduated from university in 2012 I founded ChurchDesk. I realized that nothing had changed since I first started helping churches 10 years before. The project grew into a company with an ambition to build meaningful and beautiful software that helps the church meet people. Today, we have outgrown the dorm room where it all started and moved into offices in London, Berlin, and Copenhagen.
But we are still the same. Dedicated to help the church meet people where they are.

Hanno Terbuyken
Country Manager, DACH

Ronja Borchers
Sales Managerin

Friederike Nordholt
Marketing Managerin

Nelly Saad

Pernille Staal 
Church advisor

Robert Timmler
Church advisor

Florian Radlinger
Church advisor

Konrad Hofmann
Church advisor

Alexander Czekalla
Church advisor

Kevin Hofius
Church advisor

Boris Meretzki
Church advisor

Gianna Zipp
Church advisor

Bianca Straphel
Church advisor

Jochen Geck
Church advisor

Fabio Mahalingam
Church advisor

Ruth Brusniak

Mareike Mandel

Johanna Menzel

Wiebke Balster

Schön, Sie kennen zu lernen

We celebrate our team

It's essential for us to come together and bond as a team, since we have offices in both Berlin and Copenhagen. We did that sailing in Croatia! ⛵️

Christian Steffensen
CEO & Founder

Kenneth Svenningsen

Matthias Haamann
CTO & Co-founder

Stephan Christensen

Christina Iversen 
Country Manager, DK

Hanno Terbuyken
Country Manager, DACH

Ronja Borchers
Sales Manager

Our Management Team