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Tools to lift the work load together

The involvement of the parish council in the daily work varies from church to church. But all parish councils work towards fulfilling the promise of growing and supporting the church. That requires a great platform to lift the work in a church. ChurchDesk is built specifically for the daily church work load. Here you will find all tools in one place. Employees and volunteers have role-based access, and no need to worry about GDPR and consent - in ChurchDesk you are covered.

Easy access to relevant information

In ChurchDesk, users access information and features based on their role in the church. You can define internally which rights belong to which role, so everyone gets access to what they need and nothing more. That way, you're GDPR compliant.

Simplify the workflow for the employees

In ChurchDesk, all modules are integrated fully. Users will always have access to the latest changes. What a load off the shoulders of the person, who normally calls or writes with updates. Changes made in a calendar event is automatically updated on the website. Service notices can be created automatically from the calendar, an email can be created automatically from forms module to a fully formed contact list, and so on from module to module. ChurchDesk simplifies and automates complicated workflows and makes life easier for employees.

We guide you every step of the way - onboarding is key

From the first steps to implementation - if you have any questions or challenges, we're happy to help. Write or call our support team, book your ChurchDesk Advisor or join one of our many online, free courses. Here you can ask your questions directly to our team and other users.

Less time spent coordinating and updating, more time with people

With ChurchDesk as an all-in-one platform, you can spend more time with your congregation and less time on administration tasks.
In ChurchDesk, all changes are automatically updated across the platform, so staff and volunteers always have the latest update.

The big picture makes your work easier

All your tasks and date in one place. In ChurchDesk you get the full overview. All changes are synchronised instantly across devices. This means you don't have to spend time checking all details and changes.

Access based on need and role in the church

In ChurchDesk, staff and volunteers are granted an access based on their role and work needs in the church. Therefore you can rest assured that they only have access to relevant information.

Stay on top of GDPR

Keeping track of GDPR across the website and communication workflows can quickly become time-consuming. ChurchDesk helps you stay on top of the complicated rules so that GDPR doesn't get in the way of your work.

All workflows in one platform

One login for everything you need. With ChurchDesk as you all-in-one church tool, you don't have to switch back and forth between different tools. All workflows are in one place - easy to use, easy to organise.

Any questions?
We are happy to help.

Florian Radlinger
Church advisor

Alexander Czekalla
Church advisor

Fabio Mahalingam
Church advisor