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Display events and news from your entire region

ChurchDesk Portal allows parishes, deaneries, and dioceses to access centralized content, providing a comprehensive overview of events and services in their parishes. Integrating with ChurchDesk means there's no additional work for your parish.

A central database for important events in your region

ChurchDesk portal provides a single space to display and share all your church events. You can easily organise events and news into categories that your parishes can contribute to with just a click. This integration allows you and your church to effortlessly include national holidays on your website and in newsletters.

Make content accessible to your parishes

Enhance your parish's event management by linking your event categories directly to the portal or by establishing universal portal categories accessible to other parishes, such as local concerts. This seamless integration enables categories to be easily incorporated into the ChurchDesk calendars of participating parishes. The shared content on the portal becomes readily available for use by all churches, enhancing a more connected and efficient community event planning experience.

Fully integrated into your newsletter and website

Events and news from your region can be added to your website and those of your parishes. The events and blog articles linked to the Event Finder can also be included in newsletters with just a few clicks. Everything is linked and updated automatically. For example, all the events for young people in the region can be easily shared on the youth work subpage of each parish.

Easily export all data for third party use

A simple export feature enables you to share your events with third parties, such as newspapers or local tourist offices. This allows you to make your events visible outside the church context.